a beetle's story

Beetle // GUBI 2012

GamFratesi found the inspiration for Beetle Chair in the anatomy and aesthetic of the beetle.They reinterprets the beetle’s hard and characteristic shell and structure in a chair that, like an actual beetle, has a hard exterior and a soft interior. The dynamic ability of the insect in space, is develo- ped through a four-legged chair on castors. The chair is stackable and flexible suited for informal meetings, allowing mobility around the table and being flexible and spontaneous in the workspace.

The beetle chair was presented for the first time at the annual exhibition Mindcraft12 in Milan, organized by Danish Crafts.

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a question of balance

Balance mobile // CAPPELLINI 2014

For us, as for most people, each day is a research to find balance in life. The product is meant to remind us of that. Mobiles in the tradition of Alexander Calder hung from the ceiling, dividing through modern partitions the space into smaller intimate areas.

The project aims to industrialize these artistic sculptures, through the industrialization of modular components. The physical balance of the elements allows the composition with different number oftextile"petals", giving the possibility to create several configurations. The Balancesystem combine textiles and metal elements.

In addition to being sculptural and room dividers, the mobiles are also sound absorbers a feature which is invaluable in a space.

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Balance screen by CAPPELLINI GamFratesi.jpg
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We aimed to
the mobile artistic

Hermès Apple watch display

Hermès Japan window display Apple Watch Hermès

GamFratesi designed the Hermès stores window display in Japan to present the Apple Watch Hermès.

The display finds inspiration in Nature as Hermès theme, which for 2016 has themed Nature at Full Gallop. For the project GamFratesi interpreted the animal drawings by Robert Dallet, an artist and naturalist which had a long collaboration with the Hermès brand.

The precise detail of Dallet’s animals has been translated in few distinct lines, to create in a playful and iconic display the various exotic animals, as “big animal faces”. The classic Panthera, the Lion, Flamingo and Parrot are some of the animals that GamFratesi has selected.

A composition of metal wires, in different depths create an optical effect between the large faces and the perspective of the window.

Inside the eyes Apple Watches were positioned.

Different images on the Apple Watch screen as two pupils create a dynamic effect and together with the leather strap became the only sign of color within the window.

Apple Watch Hermès is the culmination of a partnership between two brands Hermès and Apple. The watch features leather straps handmade by Hermès artisans in France and an Hermès watch face reinterpreted by Apple designers in California.

All Display photos : Courtesy of Hermès Japon_/ Photos Nacása & Partners

travelling at home

Traveller daybed // PORRO 2015

Is the spirit of the traveller who determines the elements and lines of the daybed Traveller, translating the resting pleasure in unknown places, the fear and at the same time the happiness of a mental journey between day memories or an abstract and imaginary journey in a dream world. Natural and honest materials, as the structure in black painted metal on which to place towels and clothes, the saddle stretched natural leather on the sides, strong but gentle to give the body a comfortable support, and finally the meshed fabric embracing the mattress and cushions, caressing them, as it is simply enough to stand among cared details, even to the other end of the world, to feel the pleasant sensation to be at home.

TS - the standard

TS tables // Gubi 2014

TS is short for ”The Standard” and this metal base, marble top table, is inspired by the 30’s architecture of the building in Copenhagen that houses, among other establishments, the Verandah restaurant. It’s not only the aesthetics of the house that inspired the table, but the materials where also found on site. It’s meant to function in lounge and entrance areas as well as on stage in the jazz club in the building. 

a tip of light

Suspence & Nomade // Lightyears 2016

GamFratesi's inspiration for the Suspence™ lamp series has been translating a movement into a physical shape. The shape of the lamp has been created by pulling – an elementary movement involving physical force. This tensile force is visible at the top of the lamp, where you see the little tip. Suspence™ is organic with a natural soft curve. Suspence™ pendant is designed with a monochrome look; the shade and cord are perceived as an uninterrupted whole. An infinity diffuser at the bottom of the lamp concentrates the light, prevents glare and contributes to creating an elegant optical illusion - hence the name infinity diffuser.

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