GamFratesi designed the Hermès stores window display in Japan to present the Apple Watch Hermès. 

For the project GamFratesi interpreted the animal drawings by Robert Dallet, an artist and naturalist which had a long collaboration with the Hermès brand. The precise detail of Dallet’s animals has been translated in few distinct lines, to create in a playful and iconic display the various exotic animals, as “big animal faces”. A composition of metal wires, in different depths create an optical effect between the large faces and the perspective of the window. Inside the eyes Apple Watches were positioned. 


Hermès Display Nagoya


Danish Ministry of Denmark // 2015 Exhibition design and curation

The exhibition highlights the space ‘in between’ and aims to inspire reflections on the subject and space. A modular mirror floor in the courtyard creates a physical reflection, giving rise to a surreal sense of space. The works are symbolically protected by wire metal domes, which create an encapsulated space. In the exhibition’s focus on material and design philosophy, the history of the place, reflected by the mirrors, enters into direct communication with the works to remind us of our origins and forge a relationship between past and present.



2015 Exhibition design and curation // commissioned by Signe Terenziani

In the exhibition Danish Chromatism at the Triennale in Milan in 2013, we used colour in the same way Joseph Albers did in his paintings. The colours create perspective and interact with one another – the blue becomes more blue next to the red, etc. Our goal was to present Danish products without relying overmuch on the aesthetics of wood. In the exhibition, we also faced the challenge of mixing 100-year-old classics with completely new products, which we did by using of bold colours to create consistency among the varying objects. 

Danish Chromatism


2015 Exhibition design and curation //commissioned by Signe Terenziani

TWe were invited to design an exhibition to showcase a huge private collection of Danish design and to promote Danish design and culture. The concept for the exhibition was based on five ideas: nature’s gift, craftsmanship, tradition, comfort and function. The exhibition space was a 2,000-square-metre factory hall. We worked with Kvadrat textiles in five different colours, which ran from floor to ceiling to create the effect of an EKG. The products and objects were placed on the textiles, and in some places we raised the textiles to create passages that allowed visitors to move freely through the exhibition.

Danish Pulse


Danish Ministry of Denmark // 2016 Exhibition design and curation

the overall exhibition find the inspiration from phrenological doctrine, to the effect that the individual psychic functions would depend on particular areas or "regions" of the brain. 

a pseudoscience incorrect, but that was the beginning for a study on the brain and beginning to define the contemporary theories of psychology.

33 rotating podiums will be at the center of the space, to create a large mind machine:

thoughts, materials, colors, textures, process part from the different artist, will be accompanied with music. GamFratesi wants to project the visitor into a personal and intimate experience of the mind project, feel immersed in a large organ to discover and interact with the artist minds.


Louis Poulsen euroluce stand

Louis Poulsen // 2017 stand design

walls as paper

shadows as nature

space as architecture

LP_a4_014 mod.jpg

ELLE DECOR concept store

Elle Decoration Italy // 2016 Exhibition design and curation

GamFratesi is invited to design the Elle Decor Concept Store exhibition for the Milano Design Week, which this time investigates the retail dimension. With the new scenario traced by e-commerce stores absolutely need to relate in a different way with consumers. Hence the idea by Elle Decor to present a new concept of store, where retail becomes a meeting point between analogical and digital. But also a familiar place, where technology and design become a means of communication among the people and with the city.

Elledecor Concept Store 017 _Ph.Max Zambell_0959.jpg

kvadrat showroom cologne

Kvadrat // 2017 Showroom design at Design Post

GamFratesi reimagined Kvadrat’s showroom at Design Post Cologne. Featuring a minimalistic wooden framework that incorporates rows of textile covered panels on three sides, these panels work like blinds that can be tilted horizontal to reveal glimpses of the interior. Alternatively, they can be flipped vertical to create a more intimate, closed space.



Dedon // 2018 Stand design

GamFratesi is invited to design design the stand at the Salone del Mobile 2018


palazzo litta

Solo-exhibtion // 2014 Exhibition design and curation

GamFratesi is invited to create a solo-exhibition during the Milan Furniture Show. The beautfiul Palazzo Litta for the first time opens its doors to the public. The different rooms show GamFratesi's work over the years, accompanying the visitor to a story that shows their personal approach to design.

Palazzo Litta